Why Attend?

Why should you attend the process safety symposium?

While hazards arising from the failure to implement occupational health and safety measures affect one or more employee generally, hazards arising from the failure to implement process safety measures cause serious accidents and destructive effects.

Process safety is that engineering and operational applications are designed to prevent accidents with them as a whole. Also, process safety is related to hazardous substances causing toxic effects, fire and explosion, or preventing of having potential energy emission situation and serious injuries, financial damage, loss of production and environmental effects due to them.

Being conscious responsibilities about process safety management and applications, understanding the importance of process safety and improving themselves in this issue of facility managers, process designers, safety staff, operators, also subcontractors and suppliers is important to create safer facilities. All staff working with hazardous chemicals have to know hazards about health, safety, and environment and have to take prevention or know that they can minimize with sustainability of process safety.

Our aim is discussing of new initiatives and ideas of our sector with our distinguished speakers and guests without decreasing of excitement and interest continue during two days.

In ‘’Process Safety Symposium’’ organized by ‘Kontrol Medya Grup’ in 2017 the first time, there will be open session and panels, recall speakers, presentations, private sector publicity presentations.